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"Plight of a Weed"

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First Place Awarded to Foster Redmond and Ben Davies for Best Inspirational Feature Film Script for "Bring It Home" at the 2014 Nashville Film Festival

2014 Nashville Film Festival grants top Award to Kari Redmond and Ben Davies for "Bring It Home"

Best Inspirational Screenplay (feature film).

"Bring it Home"

​Jett Richards blames his father for his sister's devastating accident.  Infected with bitterness and resentment, Jett encounters difficulties with relationships, both on and off the track, in his quest for gold in the 2016 Olympic Decathlon.


"Bring It Home" is a powerful, real and inspirational story of love, forgiveness, and redemption, centered around events leading up to the 2016 Olympic Summer Games.

Foster Redmond Creative is working on some exciting new screenwriting and literary projects in addition to other uplifting works.  Some of these available screenplays, conceptual projects and other works are displayed on our works page.

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