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"Plight of a Weed"

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Songwriting Hall of Fame legend Jerry Foster. Find a screenwriter.  Screenplay sale, option or lease.
"Close" single, CBS EPIC Records. Find a screenwriter.  Screenplay sale, option or lease.



As the daughter of Songwriter Hall of Fame inductee, Jerry Foster,  it's no wonder where this screenwriter and author gleaned her talent and love for all things written. Jerry Foster, was the creative force and leader of the Foster-Rice songwriting team, which became known in Nashville as “The Song Factory".   Foster and Rice broke the record for number​ of awards received in a single year in 1972,  then in 1974 topped their own record, which still stands, to date.​



Foster grew up in the middle of the country music and entertainment industry, and came into her own in the Spring of 1976 when she recorded her debut single, “Close”, a Foster & Rice original.  She signed a recording contract with CBS/EPIC records and her single received picks in “Billboard Magazine” and “The Gavin Report”. 




She, then pursued a career in acting and modeling which took her to New York, Atlanta and other large national and international markets including Europe and Asia where she appeared in television, movies, commercials, music videos and print projects.​




Foster moved back to Tennessee, partnering with international actress/model and former Miss. Tennessee Nise' Davies, in developing the nationally recognized, Advantage Models and Talent Agency,​ providing talent to production companies and casting directors for films, music videos, television, radio, voice over and print projects.​​​




Foster, later opened her own successful agency and remained in the market as a trusted and reliable source for quality talent for a few years before deciding to work towards her childhood passion of screenwriting and enjoy more time with her family and horses.


Foster Redmond, Screenwriter, Author and Consultant provides winning scripts and writing consulting.  Find a screenplay, find a screenwriter. Screenplay sale, option or lease.

"Pursue your gifts and dreams.

They are promises from Heaven."​

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